Unsalvaged Galleons, Pirate Treasures & More

Hidden and Lost Treasures in the Dominican Republic

This is a book about treasure, written for treasure hunters.  Lubos Kordac, a professional diver, explores the Dominican Republic as few other treasure hunters have, searching for the many caches and shipwrecks left behind in the fabulous La Hispaniola, first foothold of the Spanish Crown in the New World.  For treasure hunters the world over, there is no other place like it!

La Hispaniola resonates with the mythic names of the pirates of olde, names like Drake, Morgan, Heyn, Cofresi and others. There are few places in the world that could match La Hispaniola's reputation for lost, buried or sunken treasure!


11 Chapters of Mystery, Pirates & Lost Treasures

No treasure hunter anywhere in the world could possibly fail to be excited by the prospect of treasure in the Dominican Republic. There, in the very middle of the Caribbean's luxurious tropical seas, it rests as found in olden times when conquistadors sailed its circumference, berthed upon its shoals and bars, or lingered amoung its many bays and isles. Over the centuries, the country has seen numerous sea battles, and the landscape is pocked with failed settlements. It has every element necessary to marshal the treasure hunter's imagination: size, location, topography, history and superior seas! The place is known to abound with shipwrecks and miles of reefs. It's home to the first Spanish city of the New World: it has caverns, deserted gold mines, secluded beaches, mountains... you name it. You can expect just about any possible venue for the ultimate treasure hunt.

Having treasure is not the treasure hunter's ultimate desire: the finding of treasure is the true ambition of any real treasure hunter. Lubos Kordac will provide you with the fuel needed to satisfy that ambition. In this book you can find many leads for your own treasure hunts, be they imaginary or genuine. To be successful in the hunt, the hunter must be considerate of all possibilities. Lubos approaches the subject with this attitude... there is a dim line where probability begins and possibility ends. You, the reader, shall be the final judge, and it will remain so until you actually go to the Dominican Republic and find these treasures yourself.

"Hidden and Lost Treasures in the Dominican Republic" is the result of a lifetime of treasure hunting experience and ten years of dedicated research.

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The Author

Lubos Kordac

Dr Lubos Kordac has traveled around the globe in the pursuit of treasure and rumors of treasure.  While working in Cuba, he located a Spanish Galleon once sought by Jacques Costeau himself.  Lubos currently resides in the Dominican Republic where he is a professional diver.  Extensively educated, Dr Kordac holds a PhD in Archaeology with a Masters in Languages and a Degree in Economics with a major in Foreign Trade and Tourism. Dr Kordac is fluent in Czech, Slovak, Spanish, English and German and is currently learning Russian and Japanese. 

Current Position:

Principal Researcher
North Caribbean Research

Also, Historical advisor of Museo de las Atarazanas and Museo de Alcazar in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo.

Main Chapters

  • The Order of The Temple:
  • The Greatest Treasure in the World
  • Martin Alonso Pinzon
  • The Island of Hispaniola:
  • Domain of Hidden and Lost Treasures
  • Captain William Kidd's Elusive Treasure
  • Sir Henry Morgan and Saona Island
  • Lost Fleet of Francisco Bobadilla
  • The Gold and Jewels of Roberto Cofresi
  • Lost Treasures of Monte Cristi
  • The Treasure Hoard of Mystery Cay
  • The U-Boat Treasure of the Third Reich
  • The Golden Buddha